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Flamenco Dance Accompaniment for Guitarists

The first in a series of articles on accompanying flamenco dancers. Learn about finding dancers, what to do to prepare, and what palos you're most likely to run into. read on »

Sevillanas Accompaniment

The Sevillanas is a form many dancers begin with and is a great place to begin thinking about accompaniment. Learn the structure and parts of Sevillana accompaniment, as well how to build and add variety to Sevillanas sets. read on »

Alegria Accompaniment

This article will help you understand the overall structure of alegrias and help you learn how to tailor it to the needs of your playing situation. You'll also find an alegria arrangement you can use as a starting place for your own accompaniment. read on »

Soleá Accompaniment

This article will help you move beyond simply stringing falsetas together and learn how soleá dance accompaniment works as a whole. It includes a full accompaniment arrangement with section-by-section descriptions. read on »

Flamenco Accompaniment: Everything Else

This article will show you how to arrange Tangos, Buleria, Fandangos de Huelva, and Guajira for dance accompaniment. It will also give you pointers on how to approach accompaniment for other palos you might encounter. read on »

Flamenco Rasgueado

A detailed discussion of several of the rasgueado patterns I use in tabs on Ravenna Flamenco – and how to vary them and make them more personal. read on »

Foot Tapping for Bulerías

Learning how to keep time with flamenco rhythms can be tricky. This article offers some advice on and examples of how to keep time when playing bulería. read on »

Listening for Compás

New to flamenco and a bit overwhelmed on where to start? This article offers some tips on artists and recordings to explore for the guitarist new to the art. read on »

Palmas in Brief

Hand clapping (or palmas) is an integral part of flamenco music. It has it's own techniques, guidelines and etiquette to follow. Here's a primer on the flamenco art of the palma. read on »

Practice Tips for Beginning Guitarists

A list of six tips by veteran flamenco guitarist Evan Harrar. Learn how to get the most out of your practice time – and how to avoid some common traps in learning flamenco guitar. read on »