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Flamenco Dance Accompaniment for Guitarists

The first in a series of articles on accompanying flamenco dancers. Learn about finding dancers, what to do… read more »

Sevillanas Accompaniment

The Sevillanas is a form many dancers begin with and is a great place to begin thinking about… read more »

Alegria Accompaniment

This article will help you understand the overall structure of alegrias and help you learn how to tailor… read more »

Soleá Accompaniment

This article will help you move beyond simply stringing falsetas together and learn how soleá dance accompaniment works… read more »

Flamenco Accompaniment: Everything Else

This article will show you how to arrange Tangos, Buleria, Fandangos de Huelva, and Guajira for dance accompaniment.… read more »

Practice Tips for Beginning Guitarists

A list of six tips by veteran flamenco guitarist Evan Harrar. Learn how to get the most out… read more »


Of Codas and Preludes

Coda is commonly defined as "a concluding passage that brings a piece to an end." True though this definition may… read more »

On Practicing for Repertoire

If you think at all like me, you’re probably interested in making the most of your practice time, i.e. making… read more »

A Doctoral Hiatus

One of the more frequent comments I get from people who write to me here at Ravenna Flamenco goes along… read more »

On Time & Timing (or, "Wait--What Month Is This?")

Oh my. Has it really been over a month since my last blog post? Do I still have any actual… read more »

Seattle Flamenco (dot org)

Soooo. As many of you know, I start to feel guilty when it’s been a long time between blog posts.… read more »

Of Calendars and Cocktails

So I was checking in on some friends’ blogs recently … which reminded me that I’ve got a blog of… read more »

Of Axes and Books

In the best of all possible worlds (as might say the good Dr. Pangloss), we would all have trust funds… read more »

Sevillana in Slow Motion

As I believe I’ve mentioned below (I’m pretty sure of it, in fact), accompanying beginning flamenco dance classes calls for… read more »

Ravenna Flamenco Redesign

As I promised I would do in March (and it is really only now just barely April, so I’m not… read more »

Some Ruminations on Playing with Other Musicians

More and more these days I’ve been sitting in on dance classes accompanied by my colleague Markus Kolb—and it reminds… read more »

Dance Workshop with Maria "Cha-Cha" Bermudez

No, don’t worry—I’m not branching out into dance (believe me, none of us wants that!), but I did get the… read more »

"Ravenna Flamenco" Launch!

This beastie of an idea has been simmering in my brain for some time now—and here it is: Ravenna Flamenco… read more »

Post #2: Why Flamenco (of all things)?"

And now for something completely concrete.

And clearer. For those of you not yet in the know, here’s the quick skinny… read more »

How Do I Work This?

I have an admission to make: I have no idea how to start this thing off. True, I do feel… read more »