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Of Codas and Preludes

posted in practice on april 5th, 2015
close-up of guitar being played

Coda is commonly defined as "a concluding passage that brings a piece to an end." True though this definition may be, I find that it also short-changes proper endings. A good coda is more than just "an end" – it also serves to "create a sense of balance," a way to "look back" on a composition and "take it all in."

As part of the 2015 redesign and relaunch of Ravenna Flamenco, the coda struck me as a good metaphor… read more »

tags: practice, writing, collaboration

From January to June

posted in performance on june 28th, 2011
guitarist in recording studio

Well hello there! And welcome back to a current blog post!

As those of you who have stumbled upon this blog occasionally in the past know well, whenever I’ve let a really long stretch of time go by in-between posts I usually start off with some sort of awkward apology for my lack of dedication to throwing words aimlessly into the void (you know, “blogging”).

Not so this time! There’s been much afoot in the last few months — and much …… read more »

tags: film, manchego, practice, studio, zombie

Fiesta Navideña 2010 and Beyond

posted in performance on december 23rd, 2010
flamenco musicians

2010, now in its waning days, marks my third year with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle. It also marks my last. Yep: this was my last show. Now calm down: there was nothing ominous in my decision to step down — no on-stage deaths by tiger-mauling or binding extradition orders back to Singapore (I swear I don’t know how that baboon got in my carry-on!).

Nope, nothing sinister: I simply decided, after long consideration, that I want to spend more time… read more »

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posted in performance on november 1st, 2010
film still

Ho boy! Have I been bad about site and blog updates. I know it — and I feel the guilt pangs over it nightly — but have I ever got a good excuse for my web-negligence this time around: I’m in a movie!

Well, a short film, anyway — but it will be a brilliant and post-apocalyptically hilarious one all the same. It’s called Manchego! and it’s a zombie romance. And I play — you guessed it — a zombie flamenco… read more »

tags: film, manchego, zombie

On Practicing for Repertoire

posted in practice on september 26th, 2010
old-timey guitar player

If you think at all like me, you’re probably interested in making the most of your practice time, i.e. making sure that the time you have to spend playing guitar actually goes to making you better at playing. Different goals call for different practice strategies, of course — maybe you want to write new tunes, or learn new songs. At a certain point, however — the point at which I find myself at the moment, in fact — one just… read more »

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