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From January to June

Well hello there! And welcome back to a current blog post!

As those of you who have stumbled upon this blog… read more »

Fiesta Navideña 2010 and Beyond

2010, now in its waning days, marks my third year with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle. It also marks my… read more »


Ho boy! Have I been bad about site and blog updates. I know it — and I feel the guilt… read more »

A Summer Retrospective: Peña, Weddings and Wine

Hel-looooo! Has it been six months (and change) already? (That’s an honest question — my math skills are iffy …… read more »

Peña Potpourri 2009

You have perhaps heard the rumors.

Yes, dear reader: it’s true! All true! After the Snowpocalypse of 2009 … La Peña… read more »

Winterfest 2009: An Update on Renegade Limbs

So I’m coming up on three years playing with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle this year and I can’t help… read more »

Kristos Round IV: A Preshow Beverages Update

That’s right, the Zamani Flamenco autumnal hiatus has officially come to a close: this last weekend found us back at… read more »

Kristos Round III: Two New Songs, a Full House, and a Broken Castanet

For those of you following along at home, just for the record: yes, this recent spate of shows is why… read more »

Zamani Flamenco at Qwest Field: A Somewhat Lengthy Account of Flamenco, Reduced Calorie Beverages, and the World's Most Pungent French Fries

So. For those of you who have fallen behind on your Zamani Flamenco Internet Stalking, here’s the latest: last night… read more »

Kristos Pics

Have I ever mentioned how "blue" Kristos Eastlake is? I’m sure I have. But you may not have believed me.… read more »

Kristos Eastlake: Round II

That’s right: even after Zanbaka’s inexplicable "lampshade incident" at the first Kristos show, the resident powers-that-be asked us back for… read more »

Fiesta del Veraño 2009

If my count is correct (and I think it is), this makes my fourth bi-annual show with the Peña: two… read more »

Kristos Eastlake

Yes, that’s right: Zamani Flamanco is back at it! … er, back at performing full-length flamenco shows, that is. We’ve… read more »

Shows & Pics

A quick check of my blogroll brings this alarming fact to my attention: it’s been like three weeks since my… read more »

Carpet Wars Part III: Berber Strikes Back

As we’re all painfully aware, while sequels can sometimes be good, "Parts III" are generally little short of outstandingly bad… read more »

Take That, Carpeted Stage! (Or: "Carpet: The Revenge")

Okay, I know that this post title probably doesn’t make much sense to most of you, but I promise that… read more »


I had always thought the Spanish word "juerga" translated more or less to "party" in English. This isn’t strictly wrong… read more »

Dinner Music!

As anyone who has hung around this blog for a while knows, most of the performance I do is as… read more »

Flamenco, Anyone?

Hello, world! I’ve survived the PhD exams! And am nearly coherent enough to tell about it! Before you ask: no,… read more »

More Northside Grill!

Three shows at The Northside Grill and still no tainted produce thrown! Woohoo!

This could mean we’re doing something right –… read more »

Wedding Flamenco? Really?

At first glance flamenco at a wedding might sound a bit unlikely – at least at a wedding outside of… read more »

The Northside Grill, A Juried Panel, 50 First Graders, A Bouncy Castle, and Spilled Juice (or) How Do We Get Ourselves Into These Situations, Anyway?

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in these posts, the purpose of this blog is to give you, loyal reader, a firsthand… read more »

Smoke Farm: the Photographic Evidence

Here’s a short addendum to my last post for any of you skeptics out there who thought perhaps I was… read more »

Smoke Farm! (or) Flamenco on a Wobbly Stage in the Dark!

First let me say this: if my previous post suggests that sometimes Zamani Flamenco is "too odd" for a given… read more »

The Northside Grill and Some Ponderings on Participation

The Northside Grill and Some Ponderings on Participation The latest installment in the Zamani Flamenco annals: we’ve finally found a… read more »

Zamani Flamenco at The Upstage in Port Townsend

Here’s a "fun fact" about Port Townsend: "Local legend has it that Port Townsend was once a dumping ground for… read more »

Flamenco: The Saga Continues (or, "An Update from the Trenches")

Yes, yes – I can see it now: you’ve read this blog a time or two, found it mildly amusing,… read more »

The Walrus, The Thumb & The Dancers

No, this isn’t a post about some long lost CS Lewis book in the "Narnia" series (besides, wasn’t the Walrus… read more »

The Northwest Folklife Festival

Hooray! I’ve finally had a performance at the Seattle Center that wasn’t in the food court! Granted this means I… read more »

Wayward Flamencos

Zamani Flamenco made – of all the odd things – a brief appearance at The Wayward Coffee House’s open mic… read more »


The American Dance Institute (where yours truly accompanies dance classes on Monday and Thursday nights) is located in the heart… read more »

Zamani Flamenco at World Rhythm Fest: We Came. We Saw. We Played a Rumba.

Okay, fine, our performance wasn’t quite as Caesarean as an anchovy salad (or an incisive childbirth), but it did, all… read more »

Zamani Flamenco to Appear in Startling Proximity to Corn-Dogs

It just occurred to me the other day that it’s been some time since I’ve written a post about my… read more »

Sevillanas Accompaniment Update

So it’s been about a month (er … and a week or so) since my first sevillanas accompaniment post (on… read more »

Frankenstein's Alegrías and the Wall-to-Wall Misery

Have you ever had one of those evenings where, when all was said and done and you finally connected beleaguered… read more »

Sevillanas Accompaniment

So the American Dance Institute, where I accompany flamenco dance classes on Monday nights, started a new session tonight—and the… read more »

More Fiesta Navideña 2007: Garrotín

Here’s another "new tune" we added for the winter 2007 Peña show (in addition to the Bamberas, posted below): the… read more »

La Peña Flamenca de Seattle: Fiesta Navideña 2007

This was the big winter Peña show—and the culmination of a flurry of year end engagements and performances. And big… read more »

PNA Winterfest: Rolling With the Punches

Yes, winter has – yet again – been fested. I guess we really like winter around here. Who knew?

Anyway, Winterfest… read more »

Seattle Winterfest: On Nerves and Wide-Open Spaces

Hooray! The Seattle Winterfest has … um … fested! For those of you just tuning in, this last Sunday was… read more »

Pending Shows and Musical Catharsis

First of all: Happy Thanksgiving! (Okay, it’s not truly yet the national day of gluttony, but it is after midnight,… read more »