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From January to June

posted in performance on june 28th, 2011
guitarist in recording studio

Well hello there! And welcome back to a current blog post!

As those of you who have stumbled upon this blog occasionally in the past know well, whenever I’ve let a really long stretch of time go by in-between posts I usually start off with some sort of awkward apology for my lack of dedication to throwing words aimlessly into the void (you know, “blogging”).

Not so this time! There’s been much afoot in the last few months — and much … um … “footing” (?) on the horizon — so I’ll just get right down to updates:

face pic

First, as some of you know, I’ve finally finished school (hence the pic with me in the funny hat). This means I’m now officially a doctor — which is to say “doctor” as in PhD, as in doctor in a non-pharmaceutical sense (and I think we all know this is ultimately for the best, no?).

In any case, the upshot of this for you, as a flamenco blog/Ravenna Flamenco reader, is that now, instead of being permanently buried in the post-post-modern ramifications of twenty-first century technoculture and global economy, I can go back to obsessing over music — and getting back to work on the dozen or so article ideas I’ve been “to-do” listing since January.

Though let’s be clear: I have done more in the last six months than just finish the 29th grade. Anyone remember the zombie movie I was in from last October? I recently went into the studio to record some tracks for production:

The recording date: Friday, the 13th of May. I was a tad concerned about this detail at first, but Kevin (Traywick, the director) promptly reminded me that it is a zombie film.

And as it turned out, the only bizarre/macabre/unholy detail of the session was that the recording engineer, Charlie, looks startlingly like a younger version my dissertation director, Brian Reed (or what I imagine Brian Reed would look like if he had hair):

guitarist in recording studio

Fortunately for all involved, Charlie is as generally awesome as Brian, so I expect this will all ultimately turn out well. Perhaps I’ll post some audio of that session (and additional details) in a future entry (I’ll need to check that out with the director first, I suppose).

Otherwise, I’ve been taking advantage in this little lull between the end of school and the beginning of … whatever-comes-after-that … to reconnect with my playing. As I negotiated a decidedly vertiginous winter these last six months and got closer to finishing and eventually defending my dissertation, my daily playing had dropped off considerably.

This little lacuna is something I’m not honestly all that worried about, though. In what amounts to 22 years of playing guitar — with the last ten of those focused primarily on flamenco — there have certainly been ups and downs, periods of intense activity and periods of searching for a new spark. This strikes me as natural. As I may have mentioned in the past, I don’t think of music, much less flamenco, as something to “get,” but rather as something to “pursue.” And I suppose the pursuit is where I find the intrigue in all this.

Well, stay tuned: there is surely more intrigue to follow.

And until then: You! Go play! It’s good for you! (I’m a doctor; I know these things.)


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