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Kristos Pics

posted in performance on july 24th, 2009

Have I ever mentioned how "blue" Kristos Eastlake is? I’m sure I have. But you may not have believed me. Well, here be the proof: more blue than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means). These are some shots from our second show (in July), taken by the low-light loving Tom Wallace.

And speaking of Kristos Eastlake, if you haven’t been yet to see a show (and you happen to live in the area, I guess) you really should drop by. We’ll be back there on the 16th of August with two brand new songs, more props, and all the blue you could ever want (and more!).

flamenco dancers
Marta & mantone
flamenco dancers
Zanbaka getting down with some alegrias footwork
flamenco dancers
Dani + fan
flamenco dancers
And Marta & a hat? Oh yes, props rock!
flamenco dancers
Zanbaka’s Solea
flamenco dancers
Todos … and are those castanets I see? Indeed, I believe they are!

Until then: play, I say, play!


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