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Peña Potpourri 2009

posted in performance on december 22nd, 2009

You have perhaps heard the rumors.

Yes, dear reader: it’s true! All true! After the Snowpocalypse of 2009 … La Peña Flamenca de Seattle … has returned! For another winter show!!

And—actually—it was a lot of fun! But, unfortunately, I don’t have any pics or videos yet. Sorry.

Instead of a long ramble, however, about this that and the other thing (as is, we all know, my bent), I thought instead I might share with you some heretofore unpublished (well, unpublished here at least) pics and videos of Peña goings-on this year.

The Peña, of course, is the amateur performance group made up of Rubina and Marcos Carmona’s advanced students. Capricious meteorological conditions permitting, we generally put on two major shows per year (i.e. one in the winter and one in the summer). I suspect that pics of the most recent winter show may turn up in a month or two, but in the meantime, here’s a "potpourri" of stuff from Winterfest and from the 2009 summer show.

First off, a video (since it has been soooo long since I’ve posted one of these). This is Markus, Steve and I with an arrangement of Paco de Lucia’s canonical rumba flamenca, "Rio Ancho":

This is from a DV Cam in the audience, so the audio levels are a bit low, but you get the idea. This is actually the first "solo" number that the three of us have noodled through, so all in all I think it came off well enough. I had mentioned in a previous post that right up until the opening bars I was unsure as to what degree my peripheral nervous system might abandon me, but cold fingers aside, nervousness turned out not to be a major issue.

Of course, there’s a difference between "getting through" a piece and really inflecting it musically—which for my part I’d like to do a bit better—but it is in doing (and performing) that these things improve, no? In any case, it was fun to be "on the spot" for this one (instead of hiding behind the dancers—which is what we usually get to do).

And speaking of dancers, here are some Seattle Winterfest pics (taken by Jal):

flamenco dancers
Dancers of La Peña Flamenca de Seattle.
flamenco dancers
Dancers of La Peña Flamenca de Seattle.
flamenco dancers
Dancers of La Peña Flamenca de Seattle.
flamenco dancers
Musicians of La Peña Flamenca de Seattle, led by Rubina Carmona.

And there you have the update—photo, video, and otherwise. And I plan to make good on that promise not to ramble … by stopping here.

Think of it as my leaving you a bit of extra time in which, instead of reading my ramblings, you can go play!


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