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“Ravenna Flamenco” Launch!

posted in practice on november 11th, 2007

This beastie of an idea has been simmering in my brain for some time now—and here it is: Ravenna Flamenco is online. I could go on for megabytes telling you what this thing is and what I have in store for it—but shouldn’t you really just go to the site and check it out? … .

This particular blog (Toque), as you also may have noticed, is starting in a "middle-ish" sort of way (in media res, say the nerds). The idea to record my experience as a North American learning flamenco is one I’ve had for quite a while—as such I have "posts" (bona fide "post-its," some of them) from my humblest beginnings (that is, versus my present humble middlings). To fill in some of the gaps, over the next month or two I’ll cull some of the most relevant of notes and re-post them to this blog.

Your comments, by the way, are crucial to the whole concept of keeping a blog—don’t fear the pencil!


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