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Sevillana in Slow Motion

posted in practice on april 13th, 2008
very slow speed limit sign

As I believe I’ve mentioned below (I’m pretty sure of it, in fact), accompanying beginning flamenco dance classes calls for superhuman feats of slowness. I’m not talking knock-your-metronome-down-a-peg-or-two slow; I’m talking Über slow. Volkswagen-bus-on-a-slight-uphill-grade-slow. The kind of slow that causes wormholes in the space-time fabric.

It would seem, however, that in the available sevillanas recorded media universe, such feats of slowness are hard to come by. So: at the request of a pair of dancers from the sevillanas class I accompany on Monday nights (at the American Dance Institute in Greenwood, taught by Rubina Carmona), I have recorded the slowest sevillana I am capable of playing (short of crossing over into waltz-time funeral dirge territory). Here it is:

Granted, this theoretically could be played slower. Without recourse to quaaludes, however, I can’t do it. In any case, hopefully this will satisfy the need for slow felt by the Monday nighters.

Also incidentally, anyone who would like to learn this piece (ostensibly in order to learn to play it at a brisker pace) can find the sheet music/tab and performance notes (and a video of a faster version – hooray!) here.

And there you have it.

Now go play!


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