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posted in performance on june 5th, 2009

A quick check of my blogroll brings this alarming fact to my attention: it’s been like three weeks since my last post! Another quick glance reminds me that my last two posts have centered around carpet in a near-obsessive (okay, fine, certifiably-obsessive) sort of way. So let me start off by assuring you this: no, I haven’t spent the last three weeks in some sort of floor-covering induced psychosis treatment facility. Quite to the contrary, I’ve been working up new sets and a new show with my recently returned (from Spain, nonetheless!) dancers Zanbaka and Daniela. Thus, in the spirit of moving us all past the woes of pernicious floor covering: here are some show updates!

First, my cuadro Zamani Flamenco will be putting on its first full-length show of 2009 on Sunday, the 14th of June, at Kristos Eastlake in Seattle. As I mention above, my dancers have recently returned from being abroad for a few months and we’re all (as you might imagine) eager to get back into the thick of things. With some luck (and—more importantly—a good turnout) we hope to turn this venu into a monthly gig. The food at Kristos (Greek and other Mediterranean fare) really is darn good and there’s no cover, so if you’re in town, please do stop by. You can find specifics about the show on the ZF calendar.

Next: I’ve finally got pics from the last couple gigs I’ve played. The first set is from the University of Washington Bothell’s Intercultural night; the second set is from the VA Puget Sound’s Volunteer recognition luncheon.

flamenco dancers
Zamani Flamenco at UW Bothell’s Intercultural Night

The only explanation I have for this next shot is that there must have been something alarming going on outside the window. A zombie attack, perhaps. (We were doing a sound check, by the way, not the actual performance.)

flamenco dancers
flamenco dancers
Yours trule playing the infamous Dsus2add6add11 chord
flamenco dancers
Marta, Rachel Sprague and me at the VA Puget Sound’s Volunteer Recognition luncheon

And just because I’m a glutton for mockery, here’s a shot of me with my Dickensian urchin gloves:

flamenco dancers
“Spare some warmth, gov’na?”

Yes, I know they’re silly, but they’re great for trying to play with cold hands! Go ahead: mock away—you know you want to!

Or better yet: go play—that’s a better use of your time!


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