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A Summer Retrospective: Peña, Weddings and Wine

posted in performance on september 8th, 2010
guitarist in an empty theater

Hel-looooo! Has it been six months (and change) already? (That’s an honest question — my math skills are iffy … . ) Well, if it has, I declare it high-time this hiatus be over!

Before you ask, no, I haven’t finished my doctorate yet (see previous post for details). I have, however, finished a complete draft of my dissertation and, while I still have revisions (and an eventual dissertation defense) to tackle, I’m okay with classifying this as enough of a… read more »

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A Doctoral Hiatus

posted in practice on february 28th, 2010
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One of the more frequent comments I get from people who write to me here at Ravenna Flamenco goes along the lines of, "Oh, how I wish I had more time to play guitar." Believe me—this is one lament I couldn’t empathize with more.

Granted, for most of us, finding "practice time" comes down to a question of priorities. How much time do we spend watching TV? (a worthless pursuit—we all know it)—or sleeping? (c’mon, people—that’s what espresso is for!).

I don’t… read more »

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Peña Potpourri 2009

posted in performance on december 22nd, 2009

You have perhaps heard the rumors.

Yes, dear reader: it’s true! All true! After the Snowpocalypse of 2009 … La Peña Flamenca de Seattle … has returned! For another winter show!!

And—actually—it was a lot of fun! But, unfortunately, I don’t have any pics or videos yet. Sorry.

Instead of a long ramble, however, about this that and the other thing (as is, we all know, my bent), I thought instead I might share with you some heretofore unpublished (well, unpublished here at… read more »

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Winterfest 2009: An Update on Renegade Limbs

posted in performance on december 6th, 2009
film still

So I’m coming up on three years playing with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle this year and I can’t help but notice that there have been certain regular markers of the passage of time along the way. One of these is the Seattle Center Winterfest show–which just happens to have taken place last weekend. In looking back over my archives, it appears I didn’t write a blog post about it last year (probably because of my PhD exams), but I… read more »

tags: pena, dr. strangelove, nerves

Kristos Round IV: A Preshow Beverages Update

posted in performance on november 18th, 2009

That’s right, the Zamani Flamenco autumnal hiatus has officially come to a close: this last weekend found us back at our regular performance spot—Kristos Eastlake in Seattle.

Though the venue was familiar to us, night was new: instead of Sunday evening as we had been doing, the show this time around was on a Saturday. This had a couple of implications for us: first is that most people didn’t have to be up early (and sober) for "the man" the following… read more »

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