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On Time & Timing (or, "Wait--What Month Is This?")

posted in practice on october 21st, 2009

Oh my. Has it really been over a month since my last blog post? Do I still have any actual readers out there? (You kind, tolerant, understanding souls, you?)

As we all know, I get these terrible pangs of guilt when I ignore a writing project (at least one I haven’t deliberately decided to murder). It’s like locking a puppy in the car in the mall parking lot on a hot day and then lingering at the Häagen-Dazs stand, or "accidentally"… read more »

tags: zamani, peña, kristos

Seattle Flamenco (dot org)

posted in practice on september 15th, 2009

Soooo. As many of you know, I start to feel guilty when it’s been a long time between blog posts. Like several weeks. Or almost a month. And I start to scramble around and come up with excuses as to why I would be so negligent. You’ve no doubt already noticed that I’ve clearly plunged into "excuse mode"—but what you might not yet know is that the excuse is a good one!

So what have I been doing, you ask? I’ve… read more »


Kristos Round III: Two New Songs, a Full House, and a Broken Castanet

posted in performance on august 20th, 2009

For those of you following along at home, just for the record: yes, this recent spate of shows is why other additions to Ravenna Flamenco have been slow lately. But fear not! I’ve got more in store in the article/tab/online tools department soon. (Okay, fine: after the Arts in Nature Festival show this Saturday, but soon all the same!)

In the mean time, how about a show rundown? Actually, I think the title and the pic pretty much sums things up.… read more »

tags: castanets, kristos, zamani

Zamani Flamenco at Qwest Field: A Somewhat Lengthy Account of Flamenco, Reduced Calorie Beverages, and the World's Most Pungent French Fries

posted in performance on august 6th, 2009

So. For those of you who have fallen behind on your Zamani Flamenco Internet Stalking, here’s the latest: last night we played a pre-game show for the sold-out Seattle Sounders FC vs FC Barcelona game at Qwest field. This had the potential to be either very cool (i.e. free swag, widespread adulation, after-game hot tub parties with bikini-clad fangirls) or outright mayhem (i.e. Barcelonés soccer hooligans coming at us with broken bottles for playing a too-uptempo fandangos).

As it turns out,… read more »

tags: zamani, sport, garlic fries

Kristos Pics

posted in performance on july 24th, 2009

Have I ever mentioned how "blue" Kristos Eastlake is? I’m sure I have. But you may not have believed me. Well, here be the proof: more blue than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means). These are some shots from our second show (in July), taken by the low-light loving Tom Wallace.

And speaking of Kristos Eastlake, if you haven’t been yet to see a show (and you happen to live in the area, I guess) you really should… read more »

tags: zamani, kristos