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Kristos Eastlake: Round II

posted in performance on july 15th, 2009

That’s right: even after Zanbaka’s inexplicable "lampshade incident" at the first Kristos show, the resident powers-that-be asked us back for a second round!

And good fun it was: lots of folks came out to support us and helped make for quite the lively evening. I never did get a head count, but by my best estimate I would say the place was about 90% full—which, given that it was a Sunday night, I find not the least bit disappointing.

Set-wise, we were… read more »

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Fiesta del Veraño 2009

posted in performance on july 1st, 2009

If my count is correct (and I think it is), this makes my fourth bi-annual show with the Peña: two full nights of song, dance, much nerves, the odd shot of Irish whiskey, and – yes! – even a guitar duet!

But details on all of this will follow. I know this is not my normal modus operandi, but how about we start off with some pics? This was the first of two performances at the Ethnic Cultural Theater in Seattle’s… read more »

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Kristos Eastlake

posted in performance on june 16th, 2009

Yes, that’s right: Zamani Flamanco is back at it! … er, back at performing full-length flamenco shows, that is. We’ve had a little hiatus while Zanbaka and Dani were "sangria-and-churro-ing" their way across southern Spain, but as of last Sunday night, we’re officially back in business!

And a festive return it was: Kristos Eastlake is a new Mediterranean/Greek restaurant in Seattle just east of Lake Union and has become Zamani Flamenco’s latest "home" for regular public shows. As anyone who has… read more »

tags: kristos, zamani

Shows & Pics

posted in performance on june 5th, 2009

A quick check of my blogroll brings this alarming fact to my attention: it’s been like three weeks since my last post! Another quick glance reminds me that my last two posts have centered around carpet in a near-obsessive (okay, fine, certifiably-obsessive) sort of way. So let me start off by assuring you this: no, I haven’t spent the last three weeks in some sort of floor-covering induced psychosis treatment facility. Quite to the contrary, I’ve been working up new… read more »

tags: va, intercultural night, zamani

Carpet Wars Part III: Berber Strikes Back

posted in performance on may 17th, 2009

As we’re all painfully aware, while sequels can sometimes be good, "Parts III" are generally little short of outstandingly bad (with the exception of Indiana Jones—and who would have guessed that?). This said, it is with anxious dread that I plunge our fun-loving little blog here into that murky abyss of sequels to sequels. But what is to be done? Another blow has been struck in what can now only be called "The Carpet Wars" and it must be documented.

I… read more »

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