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Take That, Carpeted Stage! (Or: "Carpet: The Revenge")

posted in performance on may 5th, 2009
shag carpet

Okay, I know that this post title probably doesn’t make much sense to most of you, but I promise that it will in short order. First, a little update: I mention (in the post below) that I had a show coming up for which I’ve been building a set with two new dancers (as Dani and Rachel are still lollygagging in Spain). That show was, in fact, today: it was an awards/recognition luncheon for VA Medical Center volunteers. And there… read more »

tags: zamani, carpet

Of Calendars and Cocktails

posted in practice on april 22nd, 2009

So I was checking in on some friends’ blogs recently … which reminded me that I’ve got a blog of my own that I’ve been neglecting miserably lately! Well, fear not, intrepid readers, there is news to be had from the Flamenco Northwest and have it you shall.

But first to bring you up to speed: as some of you know (and the rest of you are about to find out), the dancers that make up the other regular two-thirds of… read more »

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posted in performance on march 29th, 2009
juerga musicians

I had always thought the Spanish word "juerga" translated more or less to "party" in English. This isn’t strictly wrong … but, as with most things in flamenco, it’s more complicated than that. The venerable D.E. Pohren defines "juerga" as "a flamenco jam session." Robin Totton says it’s "a get-together of flamencos among themselves" ( … and "also may mean a lively party"—vindication is mine!).

This all jives pretty well with the general impression I’ve had. It may be from the… read more »

tags: juerga, collaboration

Dinner Music!

posted in performance on march 20th, 2009
guitar in table setting

As anyone who has hung around this blog for a while knows, most of the performance I do is as part of an ensemble—and usually with a pair of very loud dancers. During my little "sabbatical" (if only!), however, I had the opportunity to play a bit of solo dinner music during an event at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Seattle.

The gig was actually very cool, which made things easy from the start. The dinner was in honor of some… read more »

tags: gigs, repertoire, solo

Flamenco, Anyone?

posted in performance on march 12th, 2009
two guitars

Hello, world! I’ve survived the PhD exams! And am nearly coherent enough to tell about it! Before you ask: no, I’m not quite a doctor yet—I still have to scribble out one of these "dissertation" things… . But I am nearer to being a doctor than I’ve ever been (and may, I’m told, play one on TV sometime soon).

But enough of my pursuit of nerdery! We care little for such things here, no? I have, after all, replaced the "daunting-stack-o’-books"… read more »

tags: nerdery, practice