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Alegria Accompaniment

This article will help you understand the overall structure of alegrias and help you learn how to tailor… read more »

Flamenco Rasgueado

A detailed discussion of several of the rasgueado patterns I use in tabs on Ravenna Flamenco – and… read more »


Alegria por Baile

An arrangement of a traditional alegrias in E major. This transcription emphasizes how the different parts of alegrias… read more »

Alegria Falseta on C

A falseta for a traditional alegria in E major which breaks away from the standard major (E/A/B7) and… read more »



read more »


Juan Cañizares Tells It Like It Is

Despite the little brush I had with the Chair of the Spanish Department over my wine consumption at the reception… read more »

Seattle Winterfest: On Nerves and Wide-Open Spaces

Hooray! The Seattle Winterfest has … um … fested! For those of you just tuning in, this last Sunday was… read more »