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Sevillana in A Maj

difficulty ★☆☆☆☆

An arrangement of a traditional major key sevillanas. This transcription, again, emphasizes compás. Granted, compás in sevillanas is not rocket science, but if you neglect it, the music falls flat. This is the first transcription in an article series that goes into detail on arrangements for flamenco dance accompaniment. For a detailed analysis of this particular transcription, see the Ravenna Flamenco article on sevillanas accompaniment.

If the triplet picado runs written out here are a bit beyond your ability yet, you can substitute eighth note lines in their place. In the final tercio you’ll notice a longer triplet run finishing the piece out. This is a common feature of the "Sabicas era" sevillana and is an easy place to put one’s own stamp on a piece of music. In this case, I chose to complicate (slightly) an otherwise simple arrangement.

This melody can be sung as well. The lyrics vary (probably infinitely), but as you might guess, they are often comic or frivolous, light, and fun.

tags: traditional, accompaniment, picado, sabicas
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