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Sevillana in A Phrygian

difficulty ★★★☆☆

An arrangement of a traditional phrygian key sevillanas – this one adapted from a Sabicas recording. The transcription, as always, emphasizes compás. The melody of this particular arrangement is a bit challenging because its phrases move in twos while the compás (of course) moves in threes. This feature makes it a good exercise in keeping compás—remember, your count is 1 2 3 1 2 3… .

The way it is played here, this sevillana also provides a good practice opportunity for developing single-note thumb playing on the upper strings. While these melodies could be played with the fingers (i.e. with picado), the thumb provides a stronger and more driving tone. Since these melodies are played without root notes on the bass strings, this stronger playing helps to keep these sections from dropping out volume-wise.

You’ll also notice that the third tercio of this sevillana ends in a variation on the main melody – in this case a picado run. These kinds of variations are common to sevillanas of the "Sabicas" era.

tags: sabicas, phrygian
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