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Sevillana in E Min (1)

difficulty ★★☆☆☆

This is an arrangement of the second sevillana in Pedro Soler’s "Campos de Sevilla," from the Luna Negra disc (2004). This piece relies heavily on the bass strings and makes for a moody, often dark rendition of what is usually a fairly upbeat song form.

Technically, this sevillana is not terribly challenging to play. Part of its beauty, however, is in the way it uses chord tension to move the compás forward. The first beats of bars 14, 16 and 18, for example, wind harmonic tension up, while the chords beginning bars 13 and 15 bring that tension back down.

This tension and release creates a push and pull through the tercios that gives this sevillanas its slow moody lope. It is also part of what allows Pedro Soler to "say" so much with so few notes – which is an achievement of no minor merit all on its own.

tags: pedro soler, modern
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