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Sevillana in E Min (2)

difficulty ★★★☆☆

This is my arrangement of the third sevillana in Pedro Soler’s "Campos de Sevilla," from the Luna Negra disc (2004). It is, like the first Soler sevillana listed on the tabs page, in a minor key, but it is considerable brighter than its counterpart – due in large part to its more frenetic movement and its use of higher registers.

The first thing you will probably notice when comparing the video above to the PDF tab file is that the introduction I play does not match the sheet music transcription. This is a stroke of sheer absentmindedness on my part – I simply forgot to play the more interesting introduction.

In any case, I’ve left the introduction written as Soler plays it on Luna Negra. It’s very cool and very worth learning (next time I have the camera out I’ll fix the video). As with many sevillanas sections, you should feel free to play with substituting this introduction for other E minor sevillanas introductions when the fancy strikes.

Video discrepancies aside, this sevillana also presents some left hand challenges. If you play this piece at capo 2, the jump to the 13th fret in bar 18 is actually a jump to the 15th fret (and, with most guitars, means reaching over the body of the guitar).

The leap – and the trip back down to the 8th (i.e. 10th) fret – may take a bit of work to nail, but rest assured that with practice it is entirely doable. The good news is that the end result is pleasantly dramatic and a lot of fun to play.

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