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Flamenco Dance Accompaniment for Guitarists

The first in a series of articles on accompanying flamenco dancers. Learn about finding dancers, what to do… read more »

Sevillanas Accompaniment

The Sevillanas is a form many dancers begin with and is a great place to begin thinking about… read more »

Alegria Accompaniment

This article will help you understand the overall structure of alegrias and help you learn how to tailor… read more »

Soleá Accompaniment

This article will help you move beyond simply stringing falsetas together and learn how soleá dance accompaniment works… read more »

Flamenco Accompaniment: Everything Else

This article will show you how to arrange Tangos, Buleria, Fandangos de Huelva, and Guajira for dance accompaniment.… read more »

Practice Tips for Beginning Guitarists

A list of six tips by veteran flamenco guitarist Evan Harrar. Learn how to get the most out… read more »



A full length arrangement of a traditional Guajira, inlcuding two classic guajira falsetas in the style of Manolo… read more »

Sevillana in A Maj

An arrangement of a traditional major key sevillana, with some interesting picado phrases.

read more »

A La Puerta de Toledo

This is a sevillanas accompaniment for cante (singing). Even if you don't currently work with a singer, learning… read more »

Soleá por Baile

This is an arrangement of a traditional soleá por baile (for dance). This transcription emphasizes how the different… read more »


The Walrus, The Thumb & The Dancers

No, this isn’t a post about some long lost CS Lewis book in the "Narnia" series (besides, wasn’t the Walrus… read more »

Wayward Flamencos

Zamani Flamenco made – of all the odd things – a brief appearance at The Wayward Coffee House’s open mic… read more »


The American Dance Institute (where yours truly accompanies dance classes on Monday and Thursday nights) is located in the heart… read more »

Sevillana in Slow Motion

As I believe I’ve mentioned below (I’m pretty sure of it, in fact), accompanying beginning flamenco dance classes calls for… read more »

Sevillanas Accompaniment Update

So it’s been about a month (er … and a week or so) since my first sevillanas accompaniment post (on… read more »

Sevillanas Accompaniment

So the American Dance Institute, where I accompany flamenco dance classes on Monday nights, started a new session tonight—and the… read more »