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Kristos Round IV: A Preshow Beverages Update

That’s right, the Zamani Flamenco autumnal hiatus has officially come to a close: this last weekend found us back at… read more »

On Time & Timing (or, "Wait--What Month Is This?")

Oh my. Has it really been over a month since my last blog post? Do I still have any actual… read more »

Kristos Round III: Two New Songs, a Full House, and a Broken Castanet

For those of you following along at home, just for the record: yes, this recent spate of shows is why… read more »

Kristos Pics

Have I ever mentioned how "blue" Kristos Eastlake is? I’m sure I have. But you may not have believed me.… read more »

Kristos Eastlake: Round II

That’s right: even after Zanbaka’s inexplicable "lampshade incident" at the first Kristos show, the resident powers-that-be asked us back for… read more »

Kristos Eastlake

Yes, that’s right: Zamani Flamanco is back at it! … er, back at performing full-length flamenco shows, that is. We’ve… read more »