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Fiesta Navideña 2010 and Beyond

2010, now in its waning days, marks my third year with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle. It also marks my… read more »

A Summer Retrospective: Peña, Weddings and Wine

Hel-looooo! Has it been six months (and change) already? (That’s an honest question — my math skills are iffy …… read more »

Winterfest 2009: An Update on Renegade Limbs

So I’m coming up on three years playing with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle this year and I can’t help… read more »

La Peña Flamenca de Seattle: Fiesta Navideña 2007

This was the big winter Peña show—and the culmination of a flurry of year end engagements and performances. And big… read more »

Pending Shows and Musical Catharsis

First of all: Happy Thanksgiving! (Okay, it’s not truly yet the national day of gluttony, but it is after midnight,… read more »