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Flamenco Rasgueado

A detailed discussion of several of the rasgueado patterns I use in tabs on Ravenna Flamenco – and… read more »

Practice Tips for Beginning Guitarists

A list of six tips by veteran flamenco guitarist Evan Harrar. Learn how to get the most out… read more »


Of Codas and Preludes

Coda is commonly defined as "a concluding passage that brings a piece to an end." True though this definition may… read more »

From January to June

Well hello there! And welcome back to a current blog post!

As those of you who have stumbled upon this blog… read more »

Kristos Round IV: A Preshow Beverages Update

That’s right, the Zamani Flamenco autumnal hiatus has officially come to a close: this last weekend found us back at… read more »

Flamenco, Anyone?

Hello, world! I’ve survived the PhD exams! And am nearly coherent enough to tell about it! Before you ask: no,… read more »