Rumba Metronome



An interactive metronome for a traditional rumba flamenca, played with cajon and palmas.

A basic rumba rhythm, played with cajon and palmas. The compas of rumba flamenca is similar to that of the tangos, but instead of accenting the 2, 3, and 4 beats of a four beat cycle, the guitar accompaniment for rumba accents the 1, the upbeat of the 2, and the 4. This gives it a lighter air and a bit more “swing.”

The rumba is an ida y vuelta form brought to Anadalucia from Cuba. Though it was originally adopted by the Barcelona Gypsies, it has since been perhaps most effectively popularized by Paco de Lucia’s Entre Dos Aguas. The rumba flamenca is sometimes denigrated as “pseudo-flamenco” (according to aficionado Robin Totton). Be this as it may, it is also an essential character in the por fiesta repertoire. Flamencologist Donn Pohren calls it “flamenco’s sexiest dance.”