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This traditional major key sevillanas has a bright, cheerful feel and is both easy to play and easy for dancers to follow. The transcription calls for basic rasgueado patterns and short passages of picado, all of which you should feel free to spice up according to your musical taste—as long as you stay in compas, of course.

Simplifying the Picado (0:56)

If the triplet picado runs written out here are a bit beyond your ability yet, you can substitute eighth note lines in their place. In the final tercio you’ll notice a longer triplet run finishing the piece out. This is a common feature of the “Sabicas era” sevillana and is an easy place to put one’s own stamp on a piece of music. In this case, I chose to complicate (slightly) an otherwise simple arrangement.


This melody is often sung, and you may hear it that way in other contexts. The lyrics vary (probably infinitely), but as you might guess, they are often comic, frivolous, and light-hearted.

For a detailed analysis of this particular transcription, see the Sevillana Accompaniment article here on Ravenna Flamenco.