Dance Accompaniment

Flamenco dancer and guitarist performing in front of a window.

Accompanying singers and dancers is a crucial skill for flamenco guitarits – and it helps you better understand solo playing. Learn how to get started here.



Alegria Accompaniment

A dancer performing with two guitar players outdoors on the street with graffiti on the walls in the background.

Alegria accompaniment combines well defined structure with plenty of opportunity for creativity and expression. Get started with alegria accompaniment here.


Sevillana Accompaniment

Dancers performing sevillana at a dance class recital.

Sevillana is a form many dancers begin with and is a great place to start learning to accompany. Learn the structure and parts of Sevillana accompaniment here.


Solea Accompaniment

Three dancers performing on stage with musicians in the background.

Solea is one of the core forms of flamenco song, dance, and guitar playing. Learn how to play solo and dance accompaniment solea here.