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This is an arrangement of the third sevillana in Pedro Soler’s “Campos de Sevilla,” from the Luna Negra disc (2004). This piece uses simple major and minor triads over a sixth string pedal point to create a dramatic, driving tercio section.

Left Hand Leaps

If you play this piece at capo 2 as shown here, the jump to the 13th fret in bar 18 is actually a jump to the 15th fret. On most guitars, means reaching over the body of the guitar.

This leap—and the trip back down to the 8th (i.e. 10th) fret—may take a bit of work to nail, but rest assured that with practice it is entirely doable. The good news is that the end result is pleasantly dramatic and a lot of fun to play.

For a detailed analysis of the sevillana form, be sure to check out the Sevillana Accompaniment article here on Ravenna Flamenco.